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***/ - General Repairs, - Shelving Fitted, - Skirting Fittings, - Replacing Lights, - Change Of Locks, - Hanging of Doors, - Gypsum Partitions, - Furniture Assembly, - Install Water Tanks, - Grab Handles Fitted, - Change Water Taps, - Cutting Trenches etc, - Sticking Doors Fixing, - Plumber Or Electrician, - Fitting Security Chains, - Handles, Locks Replace, - Hanging Pictures, Mirrors, etc... - Replacing Plug Switches, Sockets, - Cabinets Assembled, Painted And Fitted, - Fitting, Fixing, Repair, Changing, Soffits, - Painting Woodwork, Skirting, Architrave, etc. - Flat Screen TV, Projector, Screen, Speaker Mounting... General Exterior Jobs - - Flaps Cat, Dog Stuck, - Fence, Grades, Install, Repaired, - Working With Liquid Roof Membrane, - Paint, Varnish, Doors, Garage Doors etc... - Paint, Varnish windows Frames, Sills, etc... - Burning Wood from Paint Like Balconies, Doors etc... - Garden, Landscaping, Clearance, Grass Cutting For You Gardener... BATHROOM Jobs - - Grab Handles Installed, - Dripping Replaced Taps, - Installing Shower Screen, - Towel Rail, Racks Hangs, - Fixing General Plumbing Problems, - Fixture, Installed, Replaced Bath Panel etc... - Demolition, Remove, Disassmble Bathrooms, - Replacing Damaged Bathroom Tiles Or Old Tile Grout, - Repealing, Siliconing Around Bathroom Furniture etc... Kitchen Jobs - - Replacing Sink, - Taps Replaced, - Replacing Lights, - Replacing Damaged Kitchen Tiles, - Replacing Plug, Sockets, Switches, - Resealing, Siliconing Around Work Tops, - Demolition, Remove, Disassmble Kitchens, Tiles etc... - Fit New Cupboard Doors Fronts, Draws And Work Tops, etc... And Also Such As - Plaster - Different Plastering Coating, Gypsum etc... For Indoor / Outdoor And Much More... Painting - Anti Fungus Paint For Waterproofing Protection, Interior / Exterior etc... Any Kinds Of Planning, Renew, Decorate Of Gypsum, Coving Installation etc... Reconstruction, Changing, Refurbishment, Restoration, Repairs, Renew. Tearing Down, Opening Walls, For Arches, Doors, Windows, Open Plan... Reappear Pointing Stones Walls Joints, Alterations, Restoration, Chipping, Resurface Walls, Affixing Of Slabs, Balustrades, Stone Slabs, Cover Stones Fittings `Shells Stones” ( Ta' / Fuq Il-Fill ) For Antique / Modern To Your Property etc... For Antique / Modern. ( Example House Of Character ) Internally / Externally etc... [Please Login To See Hidden Content]


Published on: Thursday 16 January 2020 20:34
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